ProfiTVLive Customer Equipment and Network Requirements

We recommend that the Customer consider providing a standalone professional encoder in order to transfer to ProfiTVLive network its live video via professional standard DVB MPEG transport stream over IP/UDP. Using standalone encoders will guarantee the best quality of the output video at the lowest possible utilization of network capacity. Please use the professional-grade encoders from known brands: Ericsson/TandbergTV, Harmonic, Thomson or Cisco, to name a few. ProfiTVLive may provide a number of professional encoders to the Customer under a separate agreement, please contact your account representative for more information.

ProfiTVLive is available in an embedded-encoder option, too. Using such option requires installing ProfiTVLive hardware at the Customer.

ProfiTVLive may be installed at Customer premises with or with no use of ProfiTVLive hardware. In case no ProfiTVLive hardware is installed at Customer premises the Customer provides a computer/server and Internet access matching or exceeding the following requirements:

  • Single CPU, 4GB Ram, 5 Gb allocated space at HDD, video card not relevant (any hardware vendor, the hardware is not required to be powerful).
  • Server/computer operating system (OS) - Microsoft Windows 7 Pro (configuration Corporate Ultimate).
  • Two LAN cards, with the first one being for the outer internet connectivity, and the second one – for the MPEG TS input from the encoder. The wireless Wi-Fi or 4G (LTE) connectivity options are acceptable.
  • Internet connectivity with the effective bandwidth in excess of video MPEG TS bitrate with at least 15% surplus. The uploading bandwidth is critical for outgoing video, the download bandwidth – for receiving video from ProfiTVLive.
  • Please make sure that the following ports remain open on your network configuration as their availability will facilitate installing ProfiTVLive on your server/computer: 80, 123, 8080, 21111, 24684 and 24685 TCP ports. Please also check that the domain name is accessible from your network.
  • Please consider granting us a remote and temporary access to your server/computer via the RDP/TeamViewer software (it is available for free at The software is a very helpful tool when installing ProfiTVLive software or reconfiguring ProfiTVLive for your new tasks or addressing hardware/connectivity issues if the change ever becomes necessary.

ProfiTVLive functions automatically as an OS service – ProfiTVLive starts immediately after your server/computer operating system boots. In case the Internet connectivity is discontinued for any reason ProfiTVLive software looks for the network to resume and ProfiTVLive reconnects automatically as if no network interruption occurred. ProfiTVLive re-transmits video chunks in case of any network losses in order to provide the standard DVB MPEG transport stream output over IP/UDP in its original quality.