Whereas Telecoms successfully contribute live video to broadcasters via dedicated IP channels with guaranteed QoS… and Internet is commonly used in delivering live content to new media screens despite of no QoS…
ProfiTVLive has been developed to address the issue of contributing professional live video to traditional and new broadcasters via any-quality IP networks or Internet.
  • Delivery Guaranteed
  • via Any IP Network
  • in Professional Quality
ProfiTVLive implemented the best ideas in telecommunications and video processing to become a new HD Video Content Logistics method for TV Professionals.
ProfiTVLive adheres to the requirements of broadcasters when transmitting video in professional quality. Users of the solution enjoy a variety of benefits such as on-screen monitoring of transmission quality, independence from the networks operators or Internet providers, geographical and budget advantages due to the use of standard equipment, and flexibility of technical settings.
Unlimited opportunities of the Cloud-Based Service of ProfiTVLive complement the list of benefits
The advantages of ProfiTVLive result from its focus toward interests of partners creating multiple services for different and new media projects in the areas of:
  • HD Contribution
  • Live Event HD Coverage
  • On-the-Move Video Transmission
  • Premium Content Distribution Networks
For live transmissions from temporary stand-ups or during events coverage, ProfiTVLive is the first choice for TV to eliminate the first-mile hassle at a minimal cost.
We welcome you to join the growing ProfiTVLive community and invite you to develop your new services and applications for your customers with the help of ProfiTVLive.