ProfiTVLive is a contemporary method of HD Video Content Logistics.

  • Functions via any-quality IP with no compromise on the technical requirements to professional quality video
  • Supports commercial prioritization of user’s connections to IP for unlimited number of outer connections
  • Provides uninterrupted service via changing wireless or cellular 4G/3G IP connectivity
  • Monitors on screen both incoming and outgoing live video transport streams
  • Supports content encryption by users in addition to system-embedded content protection
  • Maintains multiple destinations of transmitted video via provider’s control board
  • Supports several encoding bitrate options:
    • on-the-fly smooth bitrate adjustment for several outer encoder brands
    • multi bitrate profiling from outer encoders
    • single bitrate by an embedded third-party encoder
  • Uses standard or commonly available user terminal hardware
  • Accepts handy units for field video capturing or stand-ups
  • Assists users in developing dedicated video exchange sub-networks and gates
  • Provides explicit and open rules for developing new applications by users
The main ProfiTVLive hub in Moscow is already connected to the largest in-country TV exchange in Ostankino to source among thousands of currently distributed broadcasting and other content titles

ProfiTVLive Service is offered with 24*7 qualified technical support in English.

ProfiTVLive is currently used by our partners providing the following types of services:
  • Live HD sports and culture transmissions for TV and Internet broadcasting
  • Local TV channels Distribution for regional centres in Russia
  • Monitor of use of content from EU owners in pay-TV broadcasting (accompanied by a third-party video recognition software)
  • Delivery of HD pay-TV broadcasting titles to the Far East, Siberia and Volga geographic regions of Russia
Cloud-Based Service of ProfiTVLive opens the following opportunities to Users:
  • User-managed Point-to-Multipoint Distribution
  • Time Shifting
  • Video Mail for Low-Bandwidth IP.